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Supplier Finance

Rental funding opportunities for your product, grow your sales turnover and increase your customer base

EquipFund specialises in Private Non-Bank Finance Solutions for business equipment, meeting the needs of both customers and suppliers alike.

We give our Vendors / Suppliers the ability to offer their customers flexible funding options to assist in staying ahead of the competition and grow by providing a cost effective easy way for customers to acquire their equipment

Easy steps to offering finance for your customers

  1.       The vendor has client wishing to finance product
  2.       The vendor sends EquipFund client details and requirements
  3.       EquipFund organise to collect application from clients and answer any questions
  4.       Transaction is approved and the vendor is notified
  5.       Finance approval & Tax Invoice request sent to the vendor
  6.       Client sign’s Funding agreement, FUNDER pays full invoice to Vendors Account
  7.       The vendor organise delivery of product in reasonable timing
Simple Customer Critera
Purchases up to $50,000Purchases over $50,000
No financials requiredFull Financial due diligence
Established 2 years if home ownerProvide financial serviceability
Established 5 years if non property ownerMinimum of one acceptable trade reference
One acceptable trade reference
All payments via Direct Debit (excl. Major Corporate or Government transaction)
*If your customers don’t fall into the above please phone 1800 378 473 or list in detail below via the contact form

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