About Us

EquipFund was established in 2010 and fund all industries and market sectors creating opportunities for business owners to expand their business options through the supply of equipment leasing and business finance that will meet their very specific demands.

Our professional equipment leasing and business finance specialists will tailor a custom-designed solution for your business that both makes sense and not break the budget. From software, computer upgrades, office furniture, machinery, business vehicles, Fitness Equipment or any other equipment, Equipfund is here to improve and expand your business and or franchise.

Our team collectively have over 50 years of experience in providing cost-effective finance solutions to businesses across Australia and soon to include New Zealand and Singapore. Our strategic finance lines and various funding partners enable us to offer competitive finance rates and flexible terms to suit your business budget.

EquipFund have actively funded numerous businesses collectively seeking over AUD $ 500 Million in all forms of assets from Business fit outs, Fitness Equipment, Medical Machines, Rescue Helicopters, Concrete Piling Equipment, Luxury Corporate Jets, Pokie Machines, Kitchen & Catering Equipment, standalone software applications, various IT and Telephony items and even boats. The team at EquipFund have such a diverse appetite that we are sure to be able to assist almost any business operator seeking all facets of equipment to keep their business current and competitive with the best equipment and technology that money can buy whilst conserving their cashflow at the same time.

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