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All business owners, whether Big or Small-scale operations, need enough capital reserves to fund the start-up costs or the expansion of one’s business at some stage during the business lifecycle.  Business owners can access capital through a business loan to gain the financial assistance that they require to provide the lifeblood known as Cashflow for their business to remain trading. All businesses need to have access to cash flow to remain sustainable and trade profitably.

When dealing in the commercial finance marketspace, it is critical for a business operator to understand exactly what information will be required by the lender at the time, for them to successfully navigate the application through to approval stage of the finance process. At EquipFund, it is our (function) to assist you the business owner through this entire process.

EquipFund, support you as a business owner through the provision of a cashflow loan (Business Loan). A business loan is a form of debt facility that the business owner / company is obligated to repay over a set period and includes a predetermined rate on annual interest. Before approaching any lender for a loan, it is important for you as the business owner to understand the terms conditions and fees associated with a proposed loan. Equipfund ensure that it is the best loan and structure to suit your budgetary requirements.

The Form of Business Loans EquipFund openly support are;


Invoice Discounting;


Debtor Finance;


Trade Finance;


Short Term (6 to 24-month Terms) and Medium-term business loans up to 10 years;


Government backed Covid-19 Cashflow Boost Loan; 


 Commercial Property Loans

Banks are tightening their lending criteria and policies due to the economic downfall of the banking royal commission in early 2020. This makes access funding more challenging for business operators to receive financial assistance from commercial loan opportunities. In today’s forever evolving current economic climate, Traditional bank loans obtained through the primary banking groups within Australia are still the most popular source of funding for a business operator, however, securing such a loan is becoming a greater challenge on a daily basis than it should, and it is this uncertainty that is making way for Second Tier Banks, Non-Bank Funders and Private Funding (Syndicates and Family Offices) to gain a foot hold in the marketplace. When Cashflow is crucial to the ongoing longevity of a business, it can often lead to a business owner taking higher than normal opportunity risks in securing cashflow funds.

EquipFund understand the daily needs of cashflow for a business owner, and if you find yourself in need or wish to discuss an opportunity, feel free to reach out and have a no obligation discussion with one of our highly skilled team members and see what we can provide for you.

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