Get up to $50,000 for purchases with one simple application, no financials required!*

Funding to purchase new or old equipment, we can help you…

Benefits of purchasing equipment through rental


Obtain almost any type of business equipment without outlaying Capital Expenditure


Avoid the cost and pain of disposal of obsolete equipment


Keep pace with new technology


Finance equipment off balance sheet, improving key financial ratios


Budget and forecast more accurately


Claim the full repayment amount as a tax deduction

*(You should always seek advice from your accountant)

Obtain new business equipment to keep pace with technology, without tying up precious capital.

An operating lease has several advantages, the least of which is having the ability to get the new equipment required for your business without the up-front cost (your capital), on structured monthly rental instalments over the desired term. We simply purchase the equipment you need and rent it to you for an agreed payment over a fixed term.

With an Operating Lease or rental you have the use of the equipment, without impacting on your working capital with the added benefit of being able to up-grade, continue renting or simply return the equipment when the lease expires – it’s your choice.

Benefits of EquipFund

  1. Pay for equipment, month by month as the benefits accrue, therefore delivering a better cash flow. As you are spreading and expensing payments, benefits achieved are aligned with expenditure.
  2. Unsecured funding. No real estate security
  3. No fixed and floating charge over the business are required, the Equipment is the security.
  4. Rental payments are fully tax deductible.
  5. Flexible/fully upgradeable – fleet additions and early replacement is simple under a rental ensuring you maintain control of your rental contracts and equipment.
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