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Invest in your growing business & generate more revenue with an EquipFund Vendor Finance Solution that will make Bank…

In the present day to day business where daily sales are the lifeblood of cashflow to see your business be sustainable, the ever imposing question from your sales team upon your customer of “so how would you like to pay for this…” is something that is becoming more and more difficult to ask and harder to broach as cashflow constraints impeach on a business owners ability to pay out large sums of capital that they could otherwise allocate for other income producing business expenses such as Wages, Business premises rent, Marketing, etc…

With major banks imposing stringent credit criteria upon potential customers to be able to perform daily income producing tasks has opened up an opportunity for you to partner with the team at EquipFund, to provide your customer base with a cost effective way to purchase goods from you that will ease the burden off the sale team through assisting them to win over more sales…

This has a cashflow ripple effect as by giving customers an ease of access solution to make a terms payment allows them to better cashflow the asset that you are selling as well as it gives the customer the ability to get the asset that they need rather than the asset that they can get away with and will often lead to an up- sale opportunity or for a customer to spend a little more in your business and increase your bottom line margins…

Making use of a Vendor Finance Program, also can lead to a multiple sale process in that once a customer pays cash for goods, they have no real call to replace the goods except for when they break down or become to expensive to maintain, a finance solutions structured in a good way, can create an opportunity for 3 sales from 1, meaning that the initial sale runs over a term lifespan, and at the end you get the option to offer the customer an upgrade solution through taking back the old asset, delivering a new more modern asset for their use and to allow your sales team to sell the older asset to a customer whom has a use for it but perhaps did not want to pay a premium for a brand new asset, this creates you a secondary sales income model for your business.

Support for you the Vendor Partner (“Supplier”) …

EquipFund specialises in providing solutions that will increase your businesses bottom-line profit margin… At EquipFund, we provide financing options for both the acquisition of equipment for businesses large and small and Cashflow Solutions for business operators looking to inject some lifeblood into the expansion of their business.

We leverage our expertise and experience to ensure your clients get the money they need, for the equipment they want in a timely manner and at repayments that will not break their budget that will allow them to buy more from you in time to come.

We believe in a 2 way street meaning that a partnership with EquipFund is not a ones sided affair, at EquipFund, we believe in supporting our Vendor Partners through cross market promotions and providing business lead opportunities that can assist them win business that they may not ordinarily acquire from their own sources.

  1. The benefits of partnering with EquipFund include:
    • 1.1) Market leading sales tools, such as our Co-Branded Quick Quote Tool, make it easy for you to close sales no matter where you are.
    • 1.2) Our team of professional and ethical people ensure you can always talk to someone who can help both you and your customers and provide them with answers.
    • 1.3) Regular feedback or easy to access Customer File Navigation system will enable you to understand where your customer is within the finance process and if there are any issues holding up the process of the formal application. This means you can focus on their needs and we will take care of the payment of invoice process.
  1. The benefits for our Vendor Partner:
    • 2.1) The ultimate benefit by providing your customer with a Terms Payment Solution, allows for your sales team to keep better control of a prospective client opportunity, and removes the possibility of the customer walking out the door to a competitor whom may already provide a similar opportunity
    • 2.2) EquipFund Pty Ltd and their professional staff, manages the entire financing process, from application, documents and settlement, leaving you and your sales team free to concentrate on obtaining the next sale opportunity and for you as the business owner to concentrate on running your business.
    • 2.3) EquipFund Pty Ltd will ensure that the customer always receives a compelling competitive finance option to acquire your goods.
    • 2.4) EquipFund Pty Ltd offers term payments to suite the customers budget with payments terms of 24- 60 months available.
    • 2.5) EquipFund Pty Ltd, make use of their banking relationships collectively to get the best result for your business by spreading exposure and managing risk.
    • 2.6) The team at EquipFund care about our client’s and their businesses. Our people take the time to get to know your business and provide back up for you whenever you have questions or need a sounding board.
    • 2.7) EquipFund will support your marketing campaigns, by working with your marketing team and provide content and resources to assist in delivering a great sales offering to your customer base.
  1. For the End Customer

EquipFund Pty Ltd specialises in financing equipment for all forms of business (Big or Small), We leverage our expertise and experience to be able to provide your customer with adequate funding to accommodate the purchase of equipment from you the “Supplier, to allow their business to remain competitive and relevant with the latest technology available to them in the market ” .

The benefits of your customers using Internal Accessible Finance to acquire your assets include:

  • 3.1) The customer does not need any substantial funds of their own, to acquire the assets and services that they need from you;
  • 3.2) The Customer has the ability and Flexibility of paying off the debt using their business’ profits; and
  • 3.3) The Customer can take control of the business cashflow and make it more profitable.
  1. Conclusion

Vendor financing underpinned by a group like EquipFund, is quickly becoming a popular way for Vendors and or Resellers to offer a cost effective and an affordable way in which customers can access Equipment, Software and Services to keep their business sustainable and relevant in the ever-competitive marketplace. While it is not without its risks, it can be the arrangement needed for a business sale to go ahead.

  1. What’s next:

Please complete the Vendor Finance Form and return it to our administrative support team by emailing [email protected] and please include the following supporting information:

  • 5.1) Clear Photo ID for the Director(s) of the company (Front & Back)
  • 5.2) A complete copy of a Corporate Trust Deed if applicable to the company structure
  • 5.3) A Sample Invoice (which clearly shows Product description & value).AA current
  • 5.4) Copy of a current Bank Deposit Slip or top 1/3 of a current Business bank statement to validate all banking details that will appear on any current of future company invoices that we are to make payment upon.
  • 5.5) Clear Hi-Resolution Copy of your Corporate Logo to mark out all your Co-Branded Application and Quoting Tools, providing your customers that you are involved in providing them with a term payment solution.

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